AVÍCOLA FÉREZ increases its capacity with a new production center in Abanilla (Murcia) that starts with the entry into production of the first aviaries for free-range chickens (egg code 1).

Avícola Engineering has designed a new building, with CE certificate, equipped with a model aviary TECNO VS224 for 8,000 free-range hens, egg cod. 1

It has tunnel type ventilation with extractors at one end and motorized chimneys on the deck that introduce forced air to improve ventilation with the access hatches to the park open. Cooling is achieved by evaporative panels.

The automatic egg collection allows the advance of the belts for a better distribution of the eggs.

The chicken manure is extracted by means of polypropylene belts within the system and with scrapers on the ground under the aviary, ensuring control of the volume of chicken manure inside the house and controlling the presence of ammonia.

By means of load cells and electronic meters, the consumption of the birds is controlled, all centralized in the Macronew computer that also manages ventilation, lighting, meal times, etc …

The arrangement of the perches allows optimal mobility of the hens at all levels. The air conditioning achieves a healthy environment and homogeneous conditions in the different parts of the house, which is abundant in a homogeneous distribution of the hens inside the house.

All this contributes to a good production with a happy hen.