S.A.T. LA AGUILERA has recently inaugurated in SOLARANA, Burgos, a chick rearing center in AVIARIO TECNO IDEAL FAS.

With this, the company has wanted to diversify the way its chicks are raised, thus responding to the various forms of egg production that currently exist on the market.

With this new breeding center, the offer of S.A.T. LA AGUILERA is extended to chicks reared in aviary for subsequent accommodation in a laying aviary.

INGENIERÍA AVÍCOLA designed on this occasion for the property a warehouse of dimensions 103 x 12, H 3m. with front warehouse of 3 m.

The warehouse, in galvanized steel, has been manufactured under FACTORY CONTROL CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY No. 1377 / CPR / EST-0002.

Inside, the warehouse is equipped with the TECNO IDEAL FAS aviary for chick rearing, with a capacity for just over 46,500 birds.

From the MACRO NEW control unit, all the functions of the equipment can be easily controlled, from feeding to cleaning, cooling and heating.