Computerised Management


These accessories for poultry systems are in accordance with the laws in force by the EEC. They consist of a metal cabinet with anti-corrosion paint, a door with watertight closure, grounding, warning lights, a silk-screen description of the functions, a motor protection switch and a contactor for each individual motor.


MACRONEW is the Tecno’s computerised device capable of controlling and managing all the functions of a poultry house such as:

  • Heating
  • Minimum partialised ventilation also linked to the outside temperature
  • Ventilation in groups with variable speed
  • Static ventilation with window control
  • 3-stage cooling as well
  • Windows with temperature or depression. Automatic reset
  • Dampers for manure blowing turbines
  • Movement warning contact
  • Power supply: auger – trolleys or chain up to 12 runs per day
  • Grit with time slots
  • Turbines with time bands and staggered start
  • Intermediate scrapers cleaning
  • Lighting with time bands; sunrise-sunset program and lights lifting
  • If combined with feed weigher and liter counter, historical consumption of 1 year
  • Temperature history with graph for 1 month or 30 weeks
  • Min-max temperature alarm
  • Broken probe alarm
  • Inputs for other alarms such as: lack of water, emergency ventilation, current lack, feed weight, heating block, water pad
  • Inputs for: auger time control, feed weigher, liter counter
  • Separate management of alarm priority

All alarm functions are applicable in combination with the “AS6” alarm module which includes power supply, rechargeable battery and siren. It is designed for connection to the company computer via cable or modem. User and maintenance manual included.