Egg Collection


They include two elevators with belts and ribbons, one on each side of the system, joined to the drive gearmotor with a telescope joint. Raceways are included for joining and supporting the jute belts up to the footrests of the systems and the return unit. Niagara also includes 2 conveyors and 2 towing heads with brushes for each level of the system. For these accessories the height of the head is such as to allow the aerial assembly of the egg centralisation, in addition to the traditional position on the ground. Egg carrier support shelves are included.


This system brings the eggs to a central position at the various planes of the system, allowing the journey of the eggs from the belt of the system directly to the center, with a noticeable reduction of cracks and breaks. It is made with high quality materials that guarantee precision and reliability such as aluminum, stainless steel, technopolymers.


It is the ideal system for transporting eggs from the heads of the systems to the collection centers. Its design allows the egg to be transported by overcoming bends, climbs, differences in height and considerable distances without rolling or impact, thus preventing the eggs from cracking, breaking or getting dirty. The materials used are of high quality: sides in made from anodized aluminum, calibrated chain in high-strength steel, and the profiles for sliding in anti-friction material. The width of the conveyor belt is variable from 350 mm to 750 mm depending on the company’s needs. The intermediate drive units used guarantee operation with any chain length.


They include strip blowing boards and egg collection circuits: they are installed on the head, on the egg collection side, or on a feeding trolley. They are equipped with turbines. Ideal for cleaning eggs and collection belts. The line of blowing accessories is a key element for every faming system. The perfect solution to combine quality and productivity.