Layer aviaries

High efficiency laying plants

We design and build housing systems for laying hens from the first day of life and throughout the production cycle, with automated and computerized systems for watering, feeding, egg collection, air conditioning and cleaning. The Tecno laying facilities allow a higher production density and ease of movement of the birds at different levels, in addition to ensuring greater hygiene of the animals, guaranteeing a high level of production at a lower cost for your company. A winning combination.

Layer aviaries

Laying hen aviaries modelo AS, developed from the concept of breeding in the ground, they are characterized by a mirror structure composed of overlapping and staggered breeding planes; the peculiarity of this system consists in the presence of continuous and superimposed nests, with a central mechanism for the expulsion of animals and a perforated egg belt.
The ease of movement of the laying hens within the aviary allows access to the feeding, drinking and laying areas, guaranteeing a uniform distribution of the animals in the plant. The chicken aviary system includes transverse and longitudinal closures for division into small groups; it is also equipped with corridors for inspection and monitoring of breeding areas.

Laying hen aviaries modelo VS they are the result of Tecno’s expertise for stacked tiered systems, allowing laying hens to enjoy the rows and floors with complete freedom of movement, including the floor. The position of the nests, facing the corridor, facilitates the inspection and collection of eggs. Each level is characterized by the presence of a feeding chain, line of drinkers, longitudinal perches, nests, egg collection and cleaning tape.

AS 250

Designed to ensure a high level of productivity

AS 480

Designed to maximize space and volume


More dimensions for your baby

AS 540

A cozy space for your chickens

AS 580

High productivity for your farm


Strengths designed for your production


The evolution of avian systems in poultry farming


Customizable, which provides high performance, egg quality and well-being for the birds.

VS 188

To develop large areas and large population

VS 224

Systems designed for flexible production