Manure Management

The accessories for the daily cleaning


Intermediate cleaning system which has the function of dropping the manure from the tapes above the intermediate floors through the central space of the system. It includes drive motors with differentiated power depending on the length of the system. In addition, it is equipped with return pulleys, micro-end-run, cable-cleaning, rope-safe system and a stainless-steel scraper for each intermediate level. This simple and reliable type of scraper and its guiding feature between the baskets are the subject to a patent.


This system is for cleaning the pit and removing the droppings underneath the system. The scrapers are sized according to the size of the pit, allowing daily or periodic cleaning to be carried out. Depending on the requirements the discharge of the droppings in the head pit or the loading on transport it is either done using screws or stable-like chains.


Test and counter-bed for cleaning. Allow the droppings to be towed to the head of the shed. They are composed of: cleaning rollers and scrapers, gear motors for towing, system for quick adjustment, and tensioning of the cleaning belt. The return of the belts takes place by means of a screw which reduces and facilitates the normal operations of cleaning and maintenance of the belts.


This accessory is made up of: single-pulley gearmotor complete with base, coach bolts, cable-tie transmission, scrapers, micro-limit switch, and rope-guard with rope return under the system. It allows the optimal thickness of the bedding and avoids deposition on the ground.


A conveyor belt system for the removal of the droppings from the head of the systems and loading onto transport. Thanks to the high speed of the belt it considerably reduces cleaning times. The channel inside the shed, if required, can be covered by iron platforms.


Accessories for a manure drying system produced in farms, by means of a tunnel mechanism. It includes:

  • Canopy with suitable measures for the tunnel, placed at the head on one side of the breeding shed.
  • Compression chamber formed by closing the upper space between the shed wall, the tunnel and the heads, in order to force the air out through the tunnel.
  • Tunnel with multiple levels and multiple lengths sized according to the number of garments.
  • Fans placed on the wall of the breeding shed which extracts the air by compressing it under pressure inside the tunnel system.
  • Conveyors belts, for moving the manure from the breeding shed to the tunnel and for removing the dried manure.
  • Electrical system for tunnel motors, conveyors and cleaning of the breeding shed.


Manure drying with air blowing.
Between the tops of the battery: air blowing floors with central or lateral tube, internal or external draft, central or side perforated pipes, 1 or 2 turbines per row.