Rearing aviaries

State-of-the-art poultry plants for your farm

A Tecno chick rearing plant is a plant robustly built for resistance over time and designed to maximize the number of animals on the farm. Complete control and easy management of the feeding, watering and ventilation systems make it possible to maximize yields during the rearing phase. All Tecno rearing systems are designed to facilitate work and inspection in the building, as well as the loading and unloading of the system.

Rearing in aviary

The Tecno rearing aviary is ideal for raising chicks from day one to approximately 120 days of age. The aviary system allows the chick to get used to going up and down between the different levels; in this way the chick is already familiar with the environment when it goes to the laying aviary. However, the chick reared in the Tecno aviary can also be housed in a traditional laying system.


The ideal aviary for the chick to grow, facilitating its movement from the first days


Designed for the natural transition to combined systems