granja bailón VS224 TECNO aviary



Granja Bailón, as part of its growth strategy, has inaugurated 3 new VS224 TECNO aviaries for laying hens.

At Granja Bailón, quality, constant innovation and modernization of processes are key success factors.

To guarantee this quality, Granja Bailón controls production at all stages, from chick rearing to egg distribution and including its own feed production.

Taking care of the health conditions of the birds is therefore an essential quality objective for Granja Bailón, and therefore he takes care of the birds responsibly and is always committed to their welfare.

Granja Bailón, which is growing exponentially in cage-free egg production, has decided to convert one of its production centres for broilers in Ricla, into a TECNO VS224 aviary laying farm.

The TECNO VS224 aviary allows maximum freedom of movement to birds while optimizing egg production performance.

We have adapted 3 existing houses by installing the new aviary rows for laying hens. We have included everything, the NIÁGARA egg collection system as well as its transport system to the egg storage centre, overcoming distances, heights, and curves by means of the egg conveyor.

The cleaning under the aviary is carried out with scrapers and the intermediate cleaning by means of belts up to the cross conveyor at the rear of the house, that end up removing the poultry manure towards the transport lorry.

We have completed the project by installing fans, chimneys, windows and evaporative cooling panels refrigeration.

The whole system is ready to welcome the hens, who are sure to enjoy inspecting each and every space in their new house.