Quinta do Caramuja has just inaugurated a new house for organic hens.

Located in Gouveia, a beautiful area of Portugal, these hens have a new house designed for their well-being.

Quinta do Caramuja is an established organic egg producer in Portugal. It has several organic production sheds and needed to expand its production capacity to meet the growing demand.

He was looking for a single supplier to provide him a turnkey project including house construction, aviary equipment, egg packing, electrical installation, and lighting.

The entire process, from design and manufacture to installation, assembly and commissioning of the equipment, was carried out by Ingeniería Avícola. We send the client the detailed plans, adapting ourselves to the peculiarities of the terrain, for the execution of the foundations and the floor.

At Ingeniería Avícola we adapted to the customer’s needs and preferences, both in the construction of the shed and in the ventilation and central egg collection system.

For this new production unit in Gouveia, we have designed abuilding 83 m long, 13 m wide and 3 m high.

Inside the building we have made a division to house a front warehouse where we have installed a Sanovo Farmpacker 40. The SANOVO packer has the new SX20 tray stacking system, very compact, which allows you to optimise the space in the warehouse.

The building is metal structure with 4 cm sandwich panels for both roof and walls. Care has been taken to blend in with the environment, using NAVARRA green for the walls and BIDASOA cream for the roof, always choosing white for the interior.

The hens are housed in 2 rows of a TECNO AS250 aviary with central egg collection, and with capacity of 9,000 hens. The customer chose this aviary model because of the robustness of the system and the ease of operation.

The aviary has a floor on which a chain feeder circuit and a drinking line are installed. Above this floor there is a double nest with access from each side of the aviary and central egg collection by means of a 50 cm belt. At the exit of each nest there is a feeder line. The aviary has an ejector nest to keep it clean, preventing the hens from roosting in the nest at night. Above the nests there is a first floor with another chain feeder circuit without drinking system to force the hens to move around and not to stay on this level constantly.

The lower part of the aviary can be closed by tilting motorised mesh doors. With this solution, the flock can be managed in the first few days so that they do not move around in this area and discover more easily the location of the elements necessary for their development and well-being, such as feeders, drinking system, perches, and nests.

The access hatches for the hens are guillotine type.

The lighting both in the aisles and inside the system is by means of adjustable LED tubes which allow the level of luminosity to be adjusted to the needs of the hens both during the different stages of their lives and during each daily cycle.

The ventilation is static, by means of a skylight at the ridge and the automatic opening of tilting windows, operated by a tube and rack system on the sides.

It also has interior fans for air recirculation and a cooling system using water diffusers

The installation is controlled from a PLC with touch screen, intuitive and customised to a specific configuration. All data can be viewed on a mobile phone.

With this system, the customer enjoys easy flock management and the hens enjoy comfortable housing in the privileged environment of Gouveia.