As a preamble to Global egg day that this year is celebrated October 11, 2019, The Institute of Egg Studies granted on October 9 the Research Award 2019 to Professor D. Alejandro Rodríguez Navarro for his project entitled “Improved shell quality and food safety of eggs in an extended production cycle of 100 weeks”

The Advisory Council has taken into consideration for the award of the award, in addition to the scientific and methodological rigor, the trajectory of the research team and the interest and timeliness of the proposed topic, which addresses one of the factors that has the greatest impact on egg production , providing solutions for the optimization of resources, efficiency and sustainability in the sector.

Likewise, the IEH awarded the Gold Award 2019 at Chef Pepe Rodriguez, chef and owner of the restaurant with a Michelin star El Bohío, in Illescas, Toledo.

The Institute recognizes Pepe Rodríguez for his professional career, based on using raw materials and traditional recipes that the chef updates to prepare exquisite dishes. Pepe Rodríguez gives prominence to eggs in his kitchen, with recipes such as cod cocochas with egg and caramel flan. And his participation in the MasterChef television program has fostered a passion for cooking and gastronomy among all audiences.

In addition to the announcement and delivery of the Research Award, the Institute for Egg Studies publishes information and dissemination materials on eggs, answers queries received from individuals, professionals and the media, and collaborates with training centers, especially hospitality schools, holding conferences and workshops on the egg and its proper use in the kitchen.